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  • 13 Sep 2010
The Retail Assist Blog
Welcome to the all new Retail Assist Blog. This will be an informal forum where we can share the latest Retail Assist news, and let you know the hot developments and trends going on at Retail Assist and in the retail sector. With social media playing an ever increasing role in our day-to-day lives, we’re hoping you’ll get in touch to say hi, get involved in the blogging, and tell us themes you would like to hear about in the future. There will be a number of regular and guest bloggers, with differing areas of expertise. The main one will obviously be retail technology, as Retail Assist is a leading retail-only solutions and services company. Other likely blog topics are: fashion, as we’re proud to boast an impressive array of brands on our client list; and cinema – our contract with Vue Entertainment marked our entry into this sector. A guest blogger to look out for straight away will be our Englishman in Atlanta, Roger Bannister. Roger is the Sales Manager at Retail Assist, and he’s currently in America, alright for some eh?! I may sound jealous, but this is no holiday for Roger – he’s working alongside our US partners at Software Paradigms International. (SPI) who we are hoping will become full resellers of our Merret supply chain solution, and Roger is assisting them in their goal. Anyway, I don’t want to give too much away initially, or this will start to sound like an online dating profile – we look forward to keeping you updated, and seeing you getting involved. Follow my blog with Bloglovin…
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