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  • 21 Nov 2011
A week in the life of Dave Wilson, Head of IT Operations at Vue
Ellie: I’m here today with Dave Wilson, the Head of IT Operations at one of Retail Assist’s clients Vue. Hi Dave, how long is it that you’ve worked for Vue now? Dave: Hi Ellie, I joined Vue in February 2010 so coming up to 2 years now. I started off as a freelance contractor for 6 months then was offered the job permanently by Roland Jones the IT Director in September 2010. Ellie: Would you be able to describe a typical week at work for you at Vue? Dave: Every day is different in any business, particularly in IT, as you can encounter a major incident, or it could be a calm and productive week. There is a typical week however – on Monday it typically starts with KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reporting, management and team meetings. We tend to meet suppliers such as Retail Assist around once a month for review meetings. I live in Leicester so have to commute to Chiswick and generally work from home one day a week. I tend to stay over in a hotel a couple of nights a week and have to plan my diary a couple of weeks in advance as it involves a lot of commuting. Ellie: So during the week, which is your busiest day in general? Dave: From a business perspective, it tends to be Wednesday evenings due to Orange Wednesdays. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are also very busy. For me personally, my busiest day tends to be a Monday, purely because I have to analyse what has gone on over the weekend and what is coming up over the week. IT is a 24/7 service and always will be, especially as cinemas are now open longer hours. We now have midnight showings for certain big film releases, but have a support infrastructure in place externally. Typically Retail Assist supports the business from 9am until midnight, but this is flexible, in the past Retail Assist have provided additional hours of cover as and when required for late night showings. I think anybody considering entering IT who wants to work 9 – 5 should potentially choose another industry because you are required inside and outside of core hours. Ellie: You’ve touched upon the fact that in your role you are tasked with managing both internal and external outsourced teams such as Retail Assist and also Vista – how do you keep on top of this? Dave: I think primarily what you need as a head of department is to be well organised, you need to make sure that you have the relevant reports in place. We take a daily feed of data from Retail Assist and we put that into an automated report that tells me how many issues I have in each cinema. That gives me a platform for the day to see if we are on top of things. We set certain KPIs for example that we don’t want any more than 5% of our PoS devices or…
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