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LFW Retail Assist
  • 9 Feb 2015
London Fashion Week – are you ready?
It’s that time of year again, when the style-savvy fashionistas of the world descend on London for the much anticipated London Fashion Week (LFW) AW15, returning this year from 20th-24th February. Each day will play host to a wealth of designers, ranging from classic brands to up-and-coming street style. We surveyed 100 fashion enthusiasts to ask them what’s best about the iconic event, and in Retail Assist style, have created an infographic of our findings: 22% enjoy discovering new designers, whilst 25% of style-spotters love seeing which celebs are on the FROW. Not surprisingly, 53% follow fashion week for the beautiful clothes and accessories seen on the catwalk. An interesting result from our survey for high street retailers, is that only 8% of participants see LFW as promoting brands that they could actually buy from, with 61% of the opinion that they wouldn’t spend money on such high-priced designers. 31% use LFW as inspiration for their wardrobe: and this provides retailers with a fantastic market to target. For retailers, why not design LFW-inspired window displays, and feature on-trend items on your website or in-store as being similar to products seen on the catwalk? A LFW style-guide mailer could also work well. In this way, you open up the opportunity for shoppers to buy in to the trend at a price that they can afford, promoting your brand as both on-trend and inclusive. When we asked which Fashion Week was their preferred event, only 19% chose LFW, whilst 24% prefer New York Fashion Week, and 57% Paris Fashion Week. We can only think it’s due to our terrible weather! But in true British style, we will never let the rain get the better of us. Here in the Marketing Department at Retail Assist, as handbag lovers, we can’t wait to see what Mulberry has to offer. And it goes without saying that being a Nottingham based company, we’ll be following Paul Smith’s latest collections. If you’re attending, or milling around London trying to get a flavour of next season’s styles, make sure that you know your real designers from fake names! We’re referring to Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness” video from New York Fashion Week last year, when he asked stylish fashionistas what they thought of completely made-up designers, then asked them to style out a “Headless Dress”… You can see it here. What trends are you expecting to see at LFW AW15? Or are you lucky enough to be attending? Tweet us @RetailAssist, using the hashtag #LFW. And if you can’t make it to the event itself, there’ll be a live stream of selected catwalk shows on LFW’s website – a great digital tool. Share this Image On Your Site <p><strong>Please include attribution to with this graphic.</strong><br /><br /><a href=’’><img src=’’ alt=’London Fashion Week 2015′ width=’540px’ border=’0′ /></a></p>…
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Retail Assist Valentines Infographic
  • 2 Feb 2015
To Valentine or not to Valentine? Our survey said…
If you haven’t noticed the recent abundance of pastel pink window displays selling love’s young dream, you may be experiencing selective blindness to all things Valentine’s. But, whatever your personal feelings towards the day, romantic or cynic, St Valentine’s Day is still celebrated annually across the world, recognised as a special day for love and romance. Although some consumers place very little personal importance on the occasion, with the majority believing it to be a waste of money, as a country we continue to splash out on it year on year. Valentine’s therefore provides a great opportunity for season-savvy retailers to cash in on. Here at Retail Assist, we conducted an independent survey to look into consumers’ shopping habits around Valentine’s Day, and created a lovely heart-filled infographic to document our findings: There was an almost balanced split in whether or not you will be buying a gift for your significant other: 40% responded yes whilst 60% said no (at least there’s still a few romantics amongst us!) Perhaps more interesting to retailers is the question, how will you buy your gift? As our infographic shows, the High Street reigns supreme for gift buying, with a staggering 65% of people opting to buy in-store. This was followed by online at 26%, with a meagre 9% purchasing from their mobile or tablet device. What this shows is that although there has been a huge boom in online and mobile shopping habits, the in-store shopping experience still has a big influence when it comes to buying a special gift. Perhaps it’s that the consumer wants to physically see and feel the product – this is especially true when it comes to buying items like flowers or jewellery, traditionally the two most popular Valentine’s gifts. Or perhaps it’s that retailers market their Valentine’s gift sections particularly well in-store, with eye catching window displays and a great visual in-store centrepiece. Our customer Paperchase has a fantastic pun-based Valentine’s gift campaign for example (we particularly like their “Fifty Shades of Earl Grey” range!) Whatever the reason, Valentine’s always comes as a timely reminder that the high street has lots to offer. Valentine’s also provides the perfect time for fashion retailers to vamp up their Spring campaign launch after the post-Winter sale lull, with many brands opting to put together a “Romantic” edit of soft pastels and pinks: definitely a colour to watch this season. Something else that works particularly well is targeting different Valentine’s activities with different look-books or style guides: what to wear on a City-break weekend away, a hot date, or a romantic-but-casual meal in. Are you fully maximising the different marketing campaigns around Valentine’s that can inspire shoppers to make a purchase? Perhaps not, given that when asked whether you will you buy a new outfit for Valentine’s Day plans, an overwhelming 80% of our respondents said no, while only 20% said yes. When it comes to what people have planned for Valentine’s Day, it looks like the hospitality sector may be…
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