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  • 28 Aug 2012
Client Quotes
In last week’s blog, I discussed some of my favourite quotes from various style icons. This inspired me to look back through Retail Assist’s client case studies and remind myself of some of the quotes made by our customers, who are a pretty iconic bunch themselves! Just for fun, I thought I would devise a short activity for readers of the blog using five of our recent client case studies. To take part, match the client below with the quote that they made: 1) Jacques Vert Group Commercial Director 2) Mint Velvet Commercial Director 3) Aurora Fashions Chief Financial Officer 4) Whistles IT and Logistics Director 5) White Stuff Head of IT a) “We saw that Retail Assist were the ideal partner for the expansion required, an excellent fit for our staff, and the move would allow our brands to focus on satisfying the needs of their customers.” b) “Fashion changes in rapid and unpredictable ways and the connectedness of consumers to media and technology has resulted in a need for instant availability. It was critical for us to gain clear stock management in order to react and plan more efficiently and quickly.” c) “The service levels offered mean we can maintain the quality of our IT support, no matter how fast we grow. Furthermore, Retail Assist’s ‘shared service’ model makes this cost-effective.” d) “Systems transparency was critical for store staff. Careful project management allowed seamless change between the old and new systems, enabling staff to focus on day-to-day trading.” e) “In terms of timescales, this is the sort of project you’d be lucky to complete in nine months. By approaching things in the way we did, we completed it in three months. We weren’t just talking about a few stores: this was a fully operational business, including warehousing, head office, all infrastructure, all e-commerce.” How many did you get right? Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out… For more information about Retail Assist’s customers, or to download our client case studies, please visit Answers: 1b, 2e, 3a, 4d, 5c…
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  • 23 Jul 2012
Quiz: What kind of clothes shopper are you?
Last summer, Retail Assist’s quiz got people debating whether they were a ‘Traditional Shopper’, a ‘Best of Both Shopper’ or a ‘Tech-Savvy Shopper’. Now we’re about to quiz you again, but this time in relation to your clothing purchasing habits:   1) Regarding reviews of items of clothing you: a)      Tend to ignore these – you’d prefer not to read what a stranger has written, but instead make your own mind up. b)      Buy the occasional fashion magazine, and take a look at any reviews in that. c)      Will only order from online retailers who provide customer reviews on their site, both good and bad. 2) You want to buy some clothes online but you’re not 100% sure which size to buy. What do you do? a)      Order the size that usually fits you, and keep your fingers crossed. b)      Choose a retailer that offers free returns, or will allow you to return goods bought online to bricks and mortar stores. You also order a couple of different sizes to be on the safe side. c)      Choose a retailer which offers an online fitting room, so you can virtually try on the clothes using augmented reality software to see whether they will fit or not. 3) When ordering online, an item of clothing you want is out of stock in the warehouse. What are you expectations? a)      You don’t have any – you will either go without or pick another item instead. b)      When you get in touch with the retailer you expect to be told if / when the item will be back in stock. c)      You expect the website to automatically know where the nearest store holding stock is, and to source the item from there instead of the warehouse. 4) You’re in a shop changing room and want the opinion of another person on a potential outfit that you’ve tried on. What do you do? a)      You ask a friend that you’ve brought shopping with you what they think. b)      You take a photo of yourself using your smartphone and send it to your friends, or upload it to one of your social media profiles to get the opinion of your followers. c)      Your favourite shop has a ‘magic mirror’ in the changing room, so you take a photo of yourself using that to send directly to a friend or post to a social media site. 5) You’re in a store and wish to buy an item of clothing, but you’re running late for an appointment so can’t afford to queue for a long time. What do you do? a)      Abandon your purchase and leave the shop – you’ll just have to come back another time. b)      In your favourite store, staff can take payment on tablet devices, so you find a Shop Assistant with a mobile till to speed up the transaction process. c)      You already have the PayPal inStore app downloaded on your mobile device, which your favourite shop caters for. The app provides you…
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  • 11 Jul 2011
Quiz: What kind of shopper are you?
For anybody feeling left out at not taking part in our internal Multichannel Survey (see for more details) I’ve devised the following ‘just for fun’ quiz that you can take to determine your shopping style: 1) You’re at the office and get invited to an event that evening. Realising that you don’t have time to go home after work, you decide to buy a new outfit during your lunch break. Do you: a) Take a trip to your local high street, visit a couple of different stores before settling on something you like. b) Use your lunch break to surf the web, find a suitable outfit, reserve it online and go directly to that store to pick it up on your way to the event. c) Use the mobile app for your favourite store that you already have installed on your smartphone to pick an outfit. Purchase it via mobile web and opt for a 90 minute delivery option so that it arrives at your office well before the event. 2) You’re in the supermarket, about to pay for a basket of goods. Do you: a) Opt for the cashier operated checkout, it’s nice to get a bit of human interaction, and the self-service checkouts never seem to work for you. b) Opt for the cashier operated checkout or the self-service checkout, whichever has the shortest queue. c) Opt for the self-service checkout, they’re simple to use and you’re in too much of a hurry to chat. 3) You receive poor service in a particular store. Do you: a) Telephone their customer services department and eventually give up because their hold music is exceptionally annoying. b) Spend some time crafting a suitably critical email, send it to the retailer’s head office and await a response. c) Use your various social media accounts to inform your connections and followers about your bad experience and warn them never to use that store again. 4) Regarding loyalty cards, you’re of the opinion that: a) They’re an ok idea in theory, but you don’t have any because you’re anxious about giving out your personal details to companies. b) They’re great for saving money, and you own them for all of your favourite stores with loyalty schemes. c) They’re a waste of space in your purse / wallet. You’d far prefer to download a promotional voucher to your mobile phone if you wanted money off a particular item. 5) When it comes to sales, you are swayed to make a purchase: a) If it’s on the first day of the promotion. You don’t mind queuing up to get in the store, as long as it means that you get the outfit you want. If you leave it until later there’s always a chance your size or selected style will have sold out. b) Online. You like the discount, but not battling with other shoppers to take advantage of it. c) If you have been given a special promotional code on a retailer’s social media…
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