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Desktop Support
  • 4 Nov 2019
Desktop Support: Don’t Get Mad, Get Even (Better IT Help!)
Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead We’ve all been there. You’ve got five minutes before an important meeting, but the printer refuses to print your notes out, your laptop seems to think that right now is the best time to reboot and everything seems to be running verrrryyyyy slowwwwlyyyyy. You could angrily hit your keyboard (Note from Editor – not advised), cursing that the universe is out to get you – or you could just ring our IT experts who specialise in desktop support to get everything back on track. via GIPHY When it comes to using technology, it can often be the difference between a good day or a terrible day. Whatever IT issues your head office teams face, no problem is too big or too small for our desktop support team, keeping your business running smoothly – and stopping people from pulling their hair out. Here’s our top three reasons why we’re the team to sort your head office headaches. #1 Get Issues Sorted ASAP When things go wrong in IT, they simply can’t wait. Getting problems rectified immediately can be the difference between a business continuing uninterrupted and things grinding to a costly (and customer-angering) halt. Not to mention the problem caused to the reputation of your business if your IT systems are not functioning effectively. Having outsourced desktop support means that someone is on hand to start problem solving straight away. Your business doesn’t need to spend time and effort trying to figure out what has gone wrong, what might have caused it and what the next step is; all that needs to happen is for you to get immediate help, when you need it. #2 Free Up Your Teams Maintaining a close eye on finances is always important and desktop support can help significantly with this. Often the IT issues that head office teams face are relatively simple and by outsourcing these problems to a third party means that your internal IT teams are freed up to focus on projects or strategy, rather than time-consuming, smaller matters. Our desktop support team work as an extension of your internal IT department, meaning that they can continue with their work, safe in the knowledge that the day-to-day tech problems are being handled swiftly and efficiently. #3 Access to Dedicated and Passionate Experts When you’re in an IT panic, it really helps to know that you’re in touch with people who are experts at what they’re doing. It’s doubly helpful when the same people have the passion and dedication needed to support whatever situation presents itself. Adrian Tillett, Desktop Support Manager at Retail Assist, explains: “Our desktop support team is a made up of highly talented individuals with a passion for a supportive team ethos and applying an excellent standard of collaboration to everything we do. We seek out opportunities to better the service for our customers and we have formed many strong relationships to help deliver service excellence to the many different clients that we support. “Retail…
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Fix Your Issues, Fast! Meet Our IT Managed Services Superheroes | Retail Assist
  • 8 Jul 2019
Fix Your Issues, Fast! Meet Our IT Managed Services Superheroes
Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Executive   Technology is a wonderful thing. However, it’s certainly not wonderful when your working day is disrupted due to an IT issue. Whether it’s a broken till, a laptop that’s somehow not working properly or a store returns device that is being ‘a bit funny’, you don’t want your productivity to be stalled by something out of your control. So, next time you encounter an IT issue, don’t send out the bat signal – here’s who you should call! With the help of Retail Assist, retailers can free themselves from the worries that surround technical issues and focus their attention on other aspects of their business. Meet our IT Managed Services Support superheroes… Storm: Help Desk Support Just like Storm, our Help Desk Support analysts are knowledgeable, empathetic and quick to react. Retail Assist is proud of its award-winning Help Desk team who give retailers and hospitality operators a single point of contact, meaning that our customers’ retail and hospitality brands can continue with business as usual, with minimum disruption. Our IT Help Desk Support, as well as Operations Support, functions like an extension of any business. The costs and hassle of employing staff directly is removed and a proactive approach ensures that problems are identified and adapted to in advance, as often as possible. As it is a single point of contact, confusion between suppliers is avoided and problems are managed right through to the point of resolution. Perhaps the most important aspect of the IT Help Desk Support is that it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and in a variety of languages, meaning problems and issues don’t have to wait for standard office operating hours. Although, unlike Storm, we’re afraid that they can’t control the weather… Iron Man: Technical Services Team Intelligent, tech-savvy and creatively minded: no, we’re not talking about Tony Stark, but our Technical Services team! Alongside the IT Help Desk Support and Operations Support that Retail Assist provides, our Technical Services department are geniuses when it comes to all things technical. Server Management and Installation covers all aspects of dealing with servers, from offering advice and recommendations as to what is most suitable for a retailer, to monitoring them whilst active, as well as preventing or solving any problems. In a similar manner, the Network Management and Design services offered by Retail Assist make sure that communication lines are monitored and trouble free. This becomes especially important when viewed in the context of retail supply chains; any disruption in communication could lead to loss of revenue and customer satisfaction very swiftly. Retail Assist also handles all aspects of Wi-Fi Management, including what usage is occurring, content being shared, and how data lines are performing, making them impressive IT all-rounders that Jarvis would be proud of. Black Panther: Retail Systems Support Agile, quick, responsive and approachable, our Retail Systems Support team share a lot in common with Black Panther (although sadly not…
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IT Managed Services - Retail Assist
  • 13 May 2019
Perk Up Your Productivity! Let our IT Managed Services increase your business’ efficiency
Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Executive A lot has changed in the last twenty years. Fears of the Millennium Bug, dial-up connection and memorising phone numbers were the status quo and the concept of being on the phone AND on the internet at the same time would have been mind-boggling! However, 20 years ago, employing staff once meant a body of workers confined to one location, yet recent years have seen increasing amounts of businesses in all sectors adopt new working methods. The rise of secure Wi-Fi connection and laptop technology has meant that remote and flexible options are now commonplace and have widened talent pools to provide benefits to employers and employees alike. One working method being eagerly embraced by many retailers is that of IT Managed Services: outsourcing IT support to experts that support your company at extended reach. Retail Assist provides a number of Managed IT Services to leading retailers and hospitality operators across the globe, including the following: Help Desk Services, IT Outsourcing, Retail Systems Support, Project Management, Technical Services, Operations Support and IT Due Diligence. Here’s what your business can gain from outsourcing to our service provision. Specialist Knowledge and Expertise The biggest attraction of IT Managed Services is the ability to tap into specialised expertise and knowledge which is sector specific and may not be available within your own company. Whilst many IT experts may have a broad knowledge that covers many areas, finding those that have very specific skills and awareness of exactly what is needed in terms of the IT used in each individual industry can sometimes be challenging. Using IT Managed Services ensures that such expertise is easily accessible when required, without the time, effort or cost of recruitment, whilst also safeguarding against the threat of in-house experts leaving their current positions to go elsewhere. Cost Savings Costs are crucial to every business, no matter what the sector. IT Managed Services can help make significant cost savings, primarily by removing the associated staffing costs that hiring additional staff brings; office space may also be saved or utilised more effectively. Direct employees are able to focus on more value-adding activity, whist your outsourced teams take care of the day-to-day running of the business. Naturally, fluctuations in workload often occur in IT, so having a dedicated IT Managed Services team allows you to utilise the resource capabilities of the external team to your advantage to increase or decrease with market demands and your own teams can still focus on other important matters. Long-term and Proactive Approaches As IT lies at the centre of many businesses, having a system that operates reliably and without interruption is incredibly important. By using IT Managed Services, a proactive approach can be taken, which can allow problems to be foreseen and reacted to before they occur. Long-term strategies can be implemented, with the option for IT services to feature increased activity when needed, such as if a new project is due to launch. Expanded workloads can be reacted…
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  • 24 Sep 2018
Why You Should Be Using EPOS
What is EPOS? What does EPOS stand for? How are EPOS systems changing retail? Why are EPOS systems important? Why should a retailer be using EPOS? Read on to find out more about the benefits an intelligent EPOS system can bring to your retail business: we provide Help Desk services that can support your EPOS system. An Electric Point Of Sale (EPOS) system is fast becoming one of the most important tools a retailer can utilise as they become more in control of their operations, more profitable and more competitive. Not to be confused with the average electronic till system – although they look similar – an EPOS, or POS, system allows retailers to utilise much more information and data to help their business to run smoothly. As retail IT services replace and update the humble ‘cash register’, POS systems usher in a whole host of features suitable for the modern retail environment, with the ability to store and process data being particularly valued. Where once retailers may have had to scrutinise various sales records in order to compile information as to shoppers’ choices and habits, POS systems can produce reports and show growing and declining sales with ease. Other attractive features include being able to tap into nurturing millennial and Gen Z retail expectations of an ‘instant’ shopping experience by printing out vouchers or offers, whilst also being able to link up communication with existing infrastructure and websites and recording of the activities undertaken by staff whilst using it. How are POS systems changing retail? Offering a variety of new ways to improve transactions, there can be no doubt that POS systems are bringing change to the retail and hospitality sector in making it more streamlined and able to effectively compete with rivals. A major way in which this change is manifested is perhaps just as reactive as it is proactive; retailers need to reduce the costs associated with ‘bricks and mortar’ retailing as much as possible, in order to remain viable as the bite from online enterprises continues to be felt. One of the ways this can be done is through readjusting the thinking as to exactly how physical stores work with online activity; closer links are needed, which is something POS systems can provide. Instead of a business model where high street locations compete with online sales, modern POS systems are making it easier for the retail world to work as one. Linking with a retailer’s website, a POS system can provide real-time data to users as to whether local stores have products in stock and provide an easy collection point for them. Online orders can also be fulfilled more promptly via processes that can see stock sent out to online buyers from stores nearest to them, or those that are experiencing an excess of certain stocked items, thus helping to provide the ‘I want what I want when I want it’ notion that underpins millennial and Gen Z shopping habits. The ability to target customers more…
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IT Help Desk
  • 29 Jan 2018
Managing Help Desk Demand
Is your business growing faster than your IT can handle? A well-managed, efficient and slick IT Help Desk service acts as so much more than an IT function. By the very nature of the service, users contacting a Help Desk will be experiencing problems or issues, and may often be stressed, or frustrated. Having their issues quickly and professionally dealt with can have a huge impact on individual satisfaction and productivity, and sends out an image of the brand taking a professional and serious approach to problems, without disrupting customer service. What can cause problems for a Help Desk? Meeting expectations on levels of service can often be difficult when faced with the challenges encountered on a busy service desk. Response times can be seriously impacted by a lack of efficiency or inappropriate focus. Many service desks will look at their initial response times as a focal point, aiming to provide a rapid answering time. This can often result in positive first impressions that may well not be followed through to a successful end result, due to focus being misplaced. A high first line fix means much more than a low answering time with longer resolution. Problems can also arise around creating a cost effective approach, where sufficient financial priority is placed on the areas and timeslots that matter or are subject to enhanced demand. Managing this can of course be difficult, and can be subject to many types of internal pressure, not least of which can form around how to calculate the worth of individual components to the business as a whole. Gauging issues based on their priority can also be difficult and time consuming, as well as escalation to the relevant third parties.  How can Retail Assist help? The specialist Help Desk team at Retail Assist offers services designed to make a business more effective, by providing a streamlined approach to issues. By centralising all problems to one single point of contact, any incident that occurs across an entire business can be logged and resolved in the same place, creating a uniformed and unified service. As the service blends seamlessly with internal teams, the IT Help Desk forms an extension of the business, where problems are managed end-to-end from the point of contact to resolution. The financial benefits to the business are very valuable. The service removes the need for staffing internally, such as the ability to flex cover over peak periods, and all costs are transparent. Regular meetings with users of the IT Help Desk service mean that improvements are continually made in order to align with expectations. In a similar manner, a proactive approach is taken to the incidents about which the IT Help Desk is contacted in order to prevent occurrences of issues in the future. As a result the top issues that the IT Help Desk encounters each month are collected, assessed and removed in order to reduce the volume of incidents that may occur. Retail Assist’s IT Help Desk service is ISO 20000…
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IT Help Desk
  • 18 Sep 2017
The Evolution of IT Support
IT Support: from early beginnings to critical importance Through the decades the notion of IT support has changed radically. From the well-known and much parodied ‘try turning it off and on again’ cliché of years gone by to the troubleshooting systems and proactive support we see in use today, the industry has altered greatly. 1980s Following Microsoft being founded in 1975, the 1980s saw computers and the technology that powered them reaching the masses. No longer reserved for the domain of scientists and high-tech businesses, desktop computers began to seep into the fabric of society. With this move came the need for IT technicians to support them. The problems they were called on to solve centred around keeping computers connected to mainframes and installation. 1990s With computers becoming standard technology in offices across the country during the 1990s, internet connections soon followed within the same decade. This rapid adoption, which saw individuals as well as companies relying for the first time on machines and methods of working that were entirely new to them, meant that the need for IT support expanded too. Where a business may have made do with a single member of staff handling technical issues, they suddenly found themselves overwhelmed.  As a result, outsourcing IT support was introduced, and people found themselves describing IT problems over the phone. Email and live chat became a way of communicating problems that started to become more common as the internet continued to increase in popularity with the dotcom bubble. 2000s As computers embedded themselves firmly in day-to-day life, so the nature of IT support changed in the 2000s. With reduced barriers to entry, new technology companies were formed, cloud storage became widespread, and apps entered the marketplace for the first time. Once again, demand for IT support staff expanded, as the ease in which small companies and individuals could launch websites, apps and other digital facilities continued to grow. During this period, remote desktop support became more prominent. This allowed IT support teams to access computers remotely and perform diagnostics checks, making the process of eliminating problems smoother and quicker for the user. The Future With cloud migration becoming increasingly popular, the trend to outsource managed services is set to continue its growth. Managed service providers bring the capability to streamline and devote attention directly to a business; a departure from the way in which IT support has operated in the past. Whilst problems were previously fixed as and when they occurred with billing for the work done, now proactive support is available as a fixed-cost model with shared services to benefit from. Under a subscription model, work is undertaken on a proactive basis with a contractual agreement looking to provide a constructive and forward-thinking attitude to IT support. A demand for 24×7 IT support will continue to be of critical importance as businesses operate online, with customers accessing their services in different time zones across the world, and expecting excellent customer service around the clock.  Increasingly high standards with…
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Retail IT Services
  • 3 Jul 2017
Behind the Scenes at Vue: Retail Assist’s Help Desk
In the second instalment of our Help Desk ‘Behind the Scenes’ blog, we present our latest video filmed with our customer, Vue. We have supported all Vue cinemas across their UK estate for 8 years. Vue now has 86 cinemas throughout the UK and Ireland, with 839 screens. Watch the video on our YouTube channel here. As Vue’s Head of Technical Services comments, if one of the cinema screens is down, the Retail Assist team provides critical systems support to identify any issues, and get the screen back up and running, so that the service Vue provides to its customers is not affected. Available 24 hours a day, the Help Desk supports Vue’s peak periods, such as evenings and weekends. Retail Assist recently supported Vue to roll out paperless ticketing technology: “Retail Assist are the backbone to supporting that technology”. Our project management team is on hand to ensure that the brand benefits from latest technology innovations. Vue originally looked to Retail Assist to improve IT alignment across a growing estate; the teams on the ground needed no confusion when it came to IT support, with just one number to call. The chain had experienced significant growth in the UK and internationally, through the acquisitions of the Apollo UK, CinemaxX and Multikino estates. This created a business with a growing IT infrastructure. The single point of contact for problem resolution was key for clarity across the business and speeding up resolution time, and the scalability of the international Help Desk support provided an adaptable support partner for Vue’s growing business needs. It’s not just cinemas we support: in the hospitality and leisure sector, Retail Assist supports nearly 700 restaurants, and 230 coffee shops for leading global chains. Want to see how our hospitality and retail IT services could support your customer experience? Please get in touch at Special thanks to Vue for partnering with us for this production.…
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retail Help Desk
  • 26 Jun 2017
Behind the scenes: Retail Assist’s Help Desk
It’s great to share our new video with you, showcasing our award-winning Help Desk service. Are your IT systems and technology supported for you to deliver the best customer experience? Our latest video shows the benefits of our Help Desk in action at Mint Velvet.  With experts immediately on hand, and the problem resolved on the call, we’re supporting leading retail brands including Mint Velvet as an extension of their IT team, for dependable, 24 x 7 IT support. Jacki, a style advisor at Mint Velvet in Solihull, comments on why the Help Desk service is so valuable to the brand – “it’s quick, efficient, the team is always there when you need them, solving problems whilst keeping the situation calm”. As you can see, a small glitch in their point-of-sale system risks losing a customer sale, but a quick call to the Help Desk resolves the issue before it impacts the customer experience. Latest findings reveal that our Help Desk has also performed above and beyond industry averages across a range of service delivery benchmarks, including 4 x the support capacity, and 10% higher performance against Service Level Agreements. Industry seal of approval from the Service Desk Institute means our customers are also benefiting from an award winning team of multilingual call analysts for international Help Desk support. Last year, the team was recognised globally as the industry’s Best Managed Service Desk. Click here to view the retail IT support video on our YouTube channel. It’s not just retail we specialise in: click here to view our hospitality Help Desk video on our YouTube channel. Thanks to Vue for partnering with us for this production, and look out for the blog next week.…
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International Help Desk
  • 30 Jan 2017
Help Desk: Top 5 Stats
Last week, we released our latest infographic based on the annual results from our Help Desk. We’re proud to perform 10 x better than industry standard IT Support. Here are our top 5 takeaways from the report.   SLAs A key statistic identified from our annual results was the outstanding performance in relation to our service level agreements. Agreed with every customer, it is our aim to end every call to our Help Desk with a positive result, the problem solved, and a happy customer. For example, achieving an average first line fix rate of 81% in 2016 exceeds our customer expectation. Understanding the customer We have created an environment within our service delivery teams which truly understands customers’ requirements. We employ analysts who have worked in the front line of retail/hospitality, and therefore understand the environments in which our customers operate, and encourage them to improve upon the specialist support provided to our customers, through intensive on-site training at some of the UK’s leading retail and hospitality brands. Actively spending time on the front-line at customer sites, the team have worked above and beyond their daily roles to deliver a more engaging service experience, by gaining a deeper understanding of how the business works. Retail Assist is external part of the customers’ own teams, developing closer business relationships that allow the analysts to deliver a service that fits the customers’ exact needs. Benefits of outsourcing Outsourced Retail IT services such as our 24 x 7 Help Desk offer a flexible alternative to in-house teams, and a more cost effective solution. A good Help Desk should match its support service to its customers’ trading hours. To make this possible, many businesses supplement in-house teams with outsourced resources, which offer more hours of supports and a breadth of skills that comes from using a shared service. This means that we deal with issues as and when they arise, helping drive internal processes and provide efficient restoration of service. Playing a ‘behind the scenes’ role, our Help Desk save time whilst increasing profit by delivering greater systems uptime at the point-of-service. We have the support capacity to do this with a scalable service.  Multiple language support Hello, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Hola, Ciao, Hallo, Szia, Olá, cześć . . . Did you know, our international Help Desk services are offered in 9 European languages, roughly double the amount of core languages offered by industry standards. Our customers with international stores appreciate the value added by our call analysts resolving IT issues in native technical language – better relationships are developed, and a superior level of customer service is experienced by the end user. We’re proud to understand not only the customer’s technical environment, but also the cultural diversity of supporting stores in different countries. In line with our incident reduction mentality, being able to solve incidents quickly delivers greater uptime at the point of service for the customer, which saves both time and money. We have systems in place that direct customers’ calls…
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international help desk support
  • 8 Aug 2016
International Help Desk Support
Who’s looking after your IT systems overseas? Wouldn’t it be great to have the peace of mind that everything is looked after, 24 x 7. Commerce stops for nobody. If no one’s ensuring maximum uptime of your IT systems, you could be risking lost sales, and a negative customer experience. Our international Help Desk support enables you to trade without disruption or downtime. Cover is as much or as little as required: if you wish to boost support during seasonal periods of peak trading, add multilingual support for your international stores, or outsource resource outside of the traditional 9-5 remit, we’re here to help deliver your exact requirements. Pizza Hut Restaurants, Best Food Logistics, Karen Millen and World Duty Free Group are just some of the brands we support, who are reaping the benefits of reduced disruption to service. If you have a global store estate, or international expansion is on the horizon, having a globally minded service desk may be critical for your growing IT and technology infrastructure. When outsourcing your IT support to Retail Assist, not only will you benefit from a shared service model, but also a fixed fee; our cost-effective approach means that you are not charged per incident. For example, last year, though the number of stores we support increased by 8%, the number of incidents our customers experienced fell by 10%. With international expansion across nine territories and the acquisition of 4 cinema groups, Vue Cinemas came to us in 2009 for IT support services to support their rapidly expanding cinema estate and IT infrastructure. With increased business reliance on IT, Vue identified a critical need for a more streamlined support services network: one service desk to own all calls, and one number for staff to call. Retail Assist’s IT Help Desk will be on the other end of the phone to efficiently resolve any IT or systems issues that disrupt trading; whatever the time, whatever the location. 40% of our expert team is bilingual, ensuring better relationships with store teams on the ground across the globe. Our international Help Desk support provides 24×7 IT support through a single point of contact to over 30 customers in a wide range of business sectors. In this way, we enable brands to provide the best experience for their customers, maximising sales whilst minimising disruption. There’s a big market to engage, so ensure you’re supported to position your brand in the best possible way!    …
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