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  • 23 Nov 2015

Black Friday 2015: the countdown is on

The countdown is on: Black Friday is just 4 days away.

New figures released this morning by Visa Europe predict that Brits will spend £1.9 billion on Black Friday 2015: that’s £83m every hour, £1.4m every minute and £23,000 every second.

It’s already been a turbulent start at either end of the spectrum: shock news of Asda’s veto 2 weeks ago was followed by retailer uncertainty regarding participation. Then, last Friday, Argos’ deals launch was tarnished by an embarrassing website crash (again).

Black Friday 2015


Now more than ever, it’s essential for retailers to prepare fully for the festive season, to ensure that even at the busiest times, trading is uninterrupted by issues, and the customer experience remains seamless.

Black Friday and the birth in discount mentality has meant that retailers no longer experience a steady stream of Christmas trading. 60% of shoppers time their purchases around sales (Conlumino 2014), a mentality that is harming retailers’ sell through of full price stock.

This October, sales fell year on year, as consumers “hold off” for November. After Black Friday, there’s now a lull – 62% of shoppers we surveyed use Black Friday to buy Christmas gifts, leaving a smaller stream of Christmas shoppers in early November and December.

The store still plays a critical role in the festive shopping experience, and as well as a robust ecomm platform to cope with unprecedented demand, the same measures need to be taken in store.

Black Friday Christmas

Take queueing, for example: did you know that 40% of consumers won’t queue for longer than 2 minutes, and 51% refuse to even enter a store if they see a queue? At Christmas, increased demand means a busy store is inevitable, but making customer service more efficient should be a number one priority.

Till down-time and queueing are real but avoidable issues, if you have the correct service provision in place. Our Help Desk experts are experienced in front line retail service, and understand the true impact of issues such as systems downtime at peak periods. Our 24×7 IT and technical support facilitates greater systems uptime at point of service, critical for any brand, any time of year. Great customer service is not just for Christmas.

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