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  • 14 May 2014

A White Company Gift List – Guest Blog

This week I would like to introduce you to our guest blogger, Charlie, who blogs about anything bridal and lifestyle related. More of Charlie’s blogs can be found here. She has written a blog about one of our customers, The White Company, highlighting the perfect presents for any wedding gift list.

The White Company is one of the UK’s fastest-growing multichannel retailers and we have been working with them since 2008. They were looking for a service that could be cost-effective, responsive and maintain a stable environment, whilst providing the capabilities of expansion. This is where we came in, providing on-site hardware maintenance for their tills and PC’s. We also manage store maintenance calls via our Help Desk, provide an account management service and are responsible for call management through to resolution.

So, over to our guest blogger Charlie…


Creating a list of beautiful gifts is always exciting, but add in the fact that it’s for your wedding and you can choose them from ‘The White Company’ and it makes it seem all the more special!

I absolutely adore ‘The White Company.’ Everything from perfume to bed throws to clothes. It’s so classic, simple and makes you feel amazing.

I’ve started to have a look round different retailers to get an idea of what sort of thing I would want on my wedding gift list & have come across these beauties whilst looking in ‘The White Company.’

1. Towels

Retail Assist Blog - The White Company


Everyone needs some towels for their newly married life! The good thing about these is that they are come in either white or nude depending on the decor of your house, plus the towels are available in every size so you can create a complete set. For example; face cloth, hand towel, bath towel, bath sheet & jumbo bath sheet.











2. Plates

Retail Assist blog - The White Company

These plates are really multifunctional! They look really pretty as a decoration, stacked up like the photo, as well as being great for serving food at dinner parties or special occasions. You don’t have to buy them altogether either which is good as you don’t feel forced in to buying unwanted items, plus you can mix and match your sets for a more unique look. There are other pieces in this range, so rest assured if you’re one of those people who likes everything to match, you will have no problems with this collection.

3. Candles & Fragrance

Retail Assist Blog - The White Company I always love having my house smelling fresh and fragrant so I feel like these are a perfect wedding gift for a couple. Again, you can buy them individually or if you wanted to splash out a bit, you could even buy them all; needless to say you will not be disappointed with whichever scent you receive! They’re a good shape, size & colour to fit in with most house decor and I can imagine, will be quickly used up!

4. Bedding

This throw is incredible! I mean, who wouldn’t want a beautifully soft cashmere throw? It’s a rather large expense, but for those of you with amazing/generous friends and family, this could be a possibility! If you don’t put it on the list, no one will know that you like it, right? And again, it comes in 2 different colours so why not get it to match those beautiful soft towels that you’ve already added?

5. Picture Frames

Retail Assist Blog - The White Company I always think that a picture frame is a very personal gift and that the person has really made an effort! I love how this frame has so many picture slots, as it can sometimes be difficult to find a frame allowing space for numerous photographs, without it being gigantic. This one has space for 24 pictures and is still a great size to hang on your wall.

I have touched upon just a selection of the goodies that the ‘The White Company’ have on offer, but if you fancy having peruse for yourself, why not visit their website.

With the great quality products on offer at The White Company you can be confident in you purchase, making the items you buy more of an investment.  You want wedding gifts that will last as long as possible, constantly reminding you of your special day and the special people you shared it with.

Thank you for reading


Dainty Bride xx

Thanks Charlie.  If you have enjoyed reading our blog and are interested in our service then please get in touch – website: telephone: +44 (0) 115 853 3910. We are also on Twitter: @RetailAssist, Facebook: Retail Assist and Instagram: RetailAssist – so look out for us there.

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