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  • 30 Dec 2013

A Tailored Shopping Experience

Shopping is getting personal and retailers are recognising that creating a more personalised experience will not only improve customer satisfaction but also increase sales.  Technology and the advances in it are fundamental to this providing an ability to track and monitor a customer’s online behaviour.  Using a combination of techniques in online, social media and spending patterns a consumer profile can be established and a personal experience be created.

Mobile and tablet devices are expected to play a growing role in customer insight and eDigitalResearch suggests it is therefore imperative that brands and agencies work together to create a seamless and robust mobile optimised strategy.

Consumers are looking for a flawless experience, whether it be when they are researching, purchasing or receiving a delivery; they want retailers to deliver a seamless, omni-channel brand experience across all touch points.

Retailers have long been able to segment consumer data but with the constant evolution of technology it is becoming much easier to not only group consumers according to their likes and dislikes, but filter them as individuals.  It adds another dimension to online shopping, helping customers locate relevant products quickly, and ultimately leading to further sales.  It provides customers with a more target driven online shopping experience, offering a selection of specially filtered items, by brand, colour and style, in tune with individual tastes.

The personalisation of websites connects the consumer with the retailers helping to develop a stronger brand affinity.  It creates a bespoke view of the same website for everyone, making individual consumers feel special.  Product images and site banners can be edited depending on the customer’s preference creating a fully interactive and exclusive experience.  Throughout the industry there is a move to behavioural targeting and it can only be a good thing, helping to keep customers happy and loyal to the brand, checking out with larger shopping baskets.  The future is about bringing a helpful sales assistant in to the digital age, personalising every aspect of the online shopping experience, from the homepage to the delivery.

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