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  • 24 Dec 2010

A Day in the life of Receptionist / HR Administrator Alaine Martyn

Ellie: For my next ‘Day in the life of’ interview, I’m about to speak to one of my good friends at Retail Assist, Alaine Martyn. Alaine, you started at the company before me, so I’m not sure exactly how long you’ve worked here – how long has it been now?

Alaine: I’ve been here for 4 years and 2 months exactly.

Ellie: Could you describe a typical day at work for you please?

Alaine: Much of a typical day for me would be spent answering and making calls – along with reception duties I also carry out general admin tasks. In particular, I have a responsibility for HR, and act as a PA to the Directors as and when required.

Ellie: To me, you come across as very bubbly and confident, which I think is important for your line of work. What previous experiences helped you prepare for your role?

Alaine: That’s always nice to hear. Previously I worked for a security company and looked after 50 security guards, where there was always a query to be answered! I think that gave me confidence in working closely with people.

Ellie: So what do you enjoy most about your job here?

Alaine: I think that would have to be the people I work with – I’ve got to know some really nice people here.

Ellie: That’s good – hopefully I’m one of those people, so I’ll take that as a compliment! On the flip side, what aspects of your role do you find most challenging?

Alaine: My role can be quite pressured and demanding and I’m expected to meet tight deadlines. At times it would be helpful to be able to turn my 2 arms into 8!

Ellie: So being an octopus would be useful?

Alaine: Exactly!

Well that concludes my usual ‘Day in the life of’ questions, but as it’s Christmas Eve, I’d also like to ask you what your festive wish would be a) for Retail Assist and b) for yourself?

Alaine: I hope that all goes well for Retail Assist in the New Year and that we keep growing and expanding. More awards for the company would be good please.

Ellie: We’ll do our best in the Marketing Department to enter some more awards next year!

Alaine: For me, I just hope that all my plans for 2011 work out well. I’d like to do lots of socializing and seeing friends and hopefully meet a nice man for cuddles on these cold winter nights!

Ellie: Haha I’m sure the offers will come flooding in after this interview! Thanks for that Alaine – Merry Christmas to you and everybody reading this. The next ‘Day in the life of’ feature will be published next year.

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