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  • 21 Feb 2011

A Day in the Life of Product Coordinator Andy Thomas

Ellie: For my latest ‘Day in the Life of’ interview, I’m about to speak to one of Retail Assist’s longest serving members of staff, Product Coordinator Andy Thomas. How long have you been at Retail Assist now Andy?

Andy: I’ve worked for Retail Assist for 10 years and 10 months starting in the Technical Services team and then moving to Store Systems when that team was created.

Ellie: What’s a typical day at work for you then in the Store Systems team?

Andy: A typical work day for me is usually split between support and development. I tend to get to work around 8:00 and that gives me time to deal with any support issues that may need to be resolved before the stores open. Throughout the day I’ll continue to dip in and out of support, dealing with calls as they arrive. In addition to my support role I work closely with a number of our clients on a daily basis progressing various projects. I’m also responsible for managing our RaX solution. This entails checking that all the services are running smoothly, dealing with any alerts that have been raised and setting up any new interfaces that may be required. The rest of my time is spent on software development; this could be writing new RaX interfaces for communication with new partners or adding reports/tools to enable the support teams to work more efficiently.

Ellie: So out of everything you’ve described, what do you enjoy most about your job?

Andy: The part of my job I enjoy the most is solving problems, these may be clients with a support issue or a project that requires software development. It’s a great feeling when you’ve got it working!

Ellie: That must be really rewarding. As ever, I’d now like to know what you find most challenging about your role.

Andy: Part of my job is covering on call for Store Systems. This is 24 hour coverage so the phone can ring at any time. There are lots of automated processes that run overnight and if the phone does ring you know that you’ve got to do your best to get things running again. No Pressure!

Ellie: Did you have any previous experiences which helped to prepare you for the pressures of your current position?

Andy: In my previous life I worked for an EPoS software provider starting in software development and moving to systems engineering. This taught me loads about retail, but also set me up well to join Retail Assist as the last client I worked on there became Retail Assist’s first client. 10 years on the knowledge I gained is still in daily use as another one of our clients is still using that same software I helped to develop.

Ellie: Thanks Andy. If anybody reading this would like to find out more about working at our Support Centre in Nottingham, please email our Human Resources Department:

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