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  • 15 Nov 2010

A Day in the Life of Marketing Manager Alex Ievins


Alex_Ievins-2-150x150Ellie: As part of our ‘Day in the life of’ feature, I’m about to interview my boss, Marketing Manager Alex Ievins, to discuss what working in Marketing entails. Alex, you’ve been at Retail Assist for 6 months now – could you describe a typical day at work here?

Alex: That’s a tough one as each day is different. Every Monday involves a meeting to review where we are at with regards to the marketing plan. A typical day tends to involve working on press releases, developing copy with the sales team, and any partners that may have been involved, plus liaising with clients for sign off.  We then work with our PR consultant to ensure we get effective distribution of the piece in key publications.

We are currently in the process of re-developing our websites, and therefore every day involves monitoring any progress with our designers. This also means having relevant copy, images and photography in place, alongside newer marketing mediums such as podcasts and video content. Our social media strategy is key; we make daily updates to our corporate Twitter and Facebook accounts and weekly posts on our blog and LinkedIn page.

At present we have a strong marketing campaign to introduce Merret to US retailers.  Therefore much of my time is spent managing this campaign, speaking to our partners SPI in the USA and Triquestra (an EPOS partner) in New Zealand.

Whilst an important aspect of marketing is identifying new opportunities and lead generation, so is looking after our current client base, and gaining recognition for what we already do. Therefore arranging corporate hospitality events is of high importance.  We are continually working on award opportunities, entries, and developing case studies. Recently we have had a number of events, all of which require organising, inviting appropriate clients, getting together an internal team and co-ordination to ensure that everyone has a great time.

Ellie: So what do you enjoy most about your job? You’ve certainly described a lot of different activities to choose from!

Alex: The best aspect of my role is variety and the continually growing opportunity and changing environment for marketing, particularly in the IT services and retail sector.  There is always scope for new ideas, creativity, and trying things out particularly in the digital age.  Achieving our objectives is also another very satisfying aspect of the role, such as higher lead generation, gaining coverage in our key publications, setting up and running successful events.  Our industry and the role are very interesting, and also working with a great Business Development team. Whilst working hard I find that we have fun in the process, and therefore is a very enjoyable role.

Ellie: And what aspects of your role do you find difficult? …Other than working with a difficult Marketing Coordinator that is!

Alex: An aspect of the role which is challenging is finding new ways of getting our name our there, raising awareness and trying to ensure that we get in touch with the right people who can help us achieve this.  We are always thinking of new ideas and approaches to improve on what we already do and it’s key to keep abreast of everything going on in the market place, identifying trends, movements, and the competition. It’s also a challenge managing so many different projects at once, so being able to multitask whilst keeping your eye on the detail is important.

Ellie: That’s great thanks Alex, and finally, what previous experiences helped prepare you for your role?

Alex: Being in marketing for a number of years definitely helped.  It enabled me to be hands on straight away in joining Retail Assist. Previously I was Head of Marketing for a business consultancy, so the nature of business was key to my development, alongside the gaining the theoretical understanding of marketing which was supported by my degree in Business Studies, and CIM Professional Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing.  Having the background to feel comfortable and confident in making decisions is key.

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