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  • 13 Aug 2012

A Day in the Life of Help Desk Call Handler Emily Harrison

Ellie: My ‘Day in the Life of’ interview today is with Emily Harrison, Help Desk Call Handler at Retail Assist. Emily, how long have you been working here now?

Emily: I have worked for Retail Assist for 18 months, as I started on the Help Desk in February 2011.

Ellie: So could you run me through a typical day at work for you at Retail Assist please?

Emily: A usual day for me would start by checking for any email responses from Vue sites that I emailed the previous day. These regard calls open that I either need them to confirm the closure of, or calls that require updating. I also check for emails from Team Leaders and colleagues regarding major issues I need to be aware of when I am logging calls. I log between fifty and seventy-five calls a day and take calls from all clients. I get the site information and caller’s name as well as all details of the fault to pass on to an Analyst. Lastly I give the client a reference number in case they need to ring to update a call. Not all of the calls I take are new calls; I also take calls from clients asking for updates on calls. I resolve as many small issues as I can whilst on the phone like cabling checks and reloading PoS screens. Around midday I go through all awaiting customer calls; contacting sites to get updates on calls and also to advise them if a call has been closed. In the afternoon I take lots of incoming calls from Engineers ringing to update and close calls as well. I also contact sites advising them that equipment has been sent from Head Offices and when to expect this in the post.

Ellie: Next, a question that I particularly like hearing the answer to – what do you enjoy most about your job?

Emily: I enjoy the variety of clients that I speak to on a daily basis and also the variety of calls I take. Every call is different, from Sony projectors for Vue to ‘Ship from Store’ at Aurora. Logging a call for a site and then speaking to them a few days later as we have resolved the issue is very satisfying. Another thing I enjoy is the workload; I love the busy nature of the Help Desk. I like learning about new clients and developing knowledge to pass on to colleagues. The team on the Help Desk are also really supportive.

Ellie: So now we’ve discussed what you enjoy about your job, I’d like to know what aspects of your role you find most challenging…

Emily: I like to find all aspects of my role challenging as I am trying to resolve issues myself and try to find out how to resolve calls first time round. I find it rewarding to solve calls myself.

Ellie: Lastly, what previous experiences helped prepare you for your role?

Emily: Previously I worked as a Duty manager and Receptionist; this helped me develop communications skills both with customers and the team I was managing during the shift. I also learned that I needed to be well organised and how to multi-task and deal with complaints effectively. Prior to that I worked as a Children’s Rep for a well known holiday company; I learned that responsibility and trust were key in developing ongoing relationships with clients as well as maintaining the company reputation.

Ellie: Great, thank you for answering my questions Emily. If any readers want to find out more about the Retail Assist Help Desk, additional information is available on our website.

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