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  • 3 May 2011

A Day in the Life of Business Analyst Daniel Reeve

Ellie: It’s been far too long since I interviewed one of the Retail Assist team for our ‘Day in the life of’ feature, so today I’m speaking to a relative newcomer to the business, Business Analyst Daniel Reeve. Daniel, how long have you been at Retail Assist now?

Daniel: I’ve worked for Retail Assist since February and was employed by Aurora Fashions for eight months prior.

Ellie: Could you describe a typical day at work for you at Retail Assist please?

Daniel: It’s extremely varied and for the most part no two days are the same. My job role incorporates project management, business analysis and elements of support so I generally move between tasks within each area.

Ellie: So what is it that most motivates you to get up and go to work in the morning – what aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

Daniel: I really enjoy how varied a working day can be, the days and weeks go so quick. I’ve always enjoyed seeing a development through to delivery, it’s very satisfying to remember when a project was initiated with just a stakeholder conversation and then months later you deliver the solution and the business benefits. The work and effort required during a project can be substantial but very rewarding.

Ellie: Yes I think a lot of people will be able to identify with that feeling after successfully delivering a project. On the other hand, what aspects of your role do you find most challenging?

Daniel: The biggest challenge within my job role is working for a client, which is then broken down into separate brands or businesses. Each brand uses a different combination of our core systems; they use different versions of those systems along with brand specific processes and procedures. With this business model, development cannot be standard as you have to factor in each brand’s variables.

Ellie: That’s really interesting. I know that you’ve already mentioned working for Aurora Fashions, but what other previous experiences helped prepare you for your role?

Daniel: The majority of my experience was spent with Argos for seven years. I worked in a number of IT roles during my time there and this is where I picked up a lot of project management skills. It was a very fast paced environment, working within a lot of business areas and there are many similarities within my current role.

Ellie: Thanks for taking part Daniel. If any members of the Retail Assist team would be interested in being interviewed for the next ‘Day in the life of’ feature, or if any external readers would be like to write a guest blog for Retail Assist, please email

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