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  • 6 Feb 2012

5 Ways To Make Me Faithful

You could be forgiven for thinking that this blog will contain dating advice, given the title and time of year. However given my previous disastrous Valentine’s Days (lowlights include: 1. Falling asleep on the bus and missing my stop after an evening out that was allegedly meant to cheer me up about being single, 2. After actually receiving a Valentine’s Day gift against all odds, embarrassingly thanking the wrong person for it) and seeing as I have had many more successful shopping trips than I have relationships, this blog will concern itself with ways in which retailers can make me into a faithful customer. Below are the top 5 factors which typically make me loyal to a particular shop or brand:

1)      Rapid stock turnover: Once you’ve found a store that you like, whether this be on the high street or online, you’re likely to want to go back there fairly regularly. If not much has changed since your last visit however, this provides less incentive to buy, or indeed return.

2)      Good stock availability: There’s nothing worse than finding something that you love, that’s not available in your size. For pieces that have been worn by a famous face (note the Duchess of Cambridge’s massive influence upon the fashion industry last year) or during sale periods, this can be unavoidable; however at other times it is incredibly frustrating for shoppers.

3)      Excellent customer service: It’s amazing how much of an influence individual shop assistants can have upon your overall shopping experience. For situations such as the one mentioned above, checking stock availability in nearby branches or concessions will be much appreciated and increases my likelihood of returning to the shop. Suggesting similar items as an alternative will also win extra brownie points.

4)      A choice of delivery options: When ordering online, there is nothing more frustrating than being given little choice regarding delivery. I’m sure I’m not alone in the fact that my needs differ depending on what I’m ordering – in some circumstances I will want the item instantly and will be prepared to pay extra for this, sometimes it won’t be an urgent purchase so I’d prefer to save money and wait longer. Once I find a retailer who can cater to these different needs, I’m likely to order from them again.

5)      Value for money: In this situation ‘value’ doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest item on the market, we must have all picked up a ‘bargain’ in the past, only for it to break or fall apart a few days later. It sounds simple, but retailers that provide products that I want, at a price that I can afford, are always bound to get my custom.

What makes you faithful to certain retail brands? Post your comments below or email

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