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  • 14 Mar 2011

5 Myths about IT Departments / Companies Dispelled

The IT Crowd

We’ve all heard the stereotypes about ‘techies’, and have probably watched the Channel 4 comedy ‘The IT Crowd’ – but are these fair representations of IT departments or support partners that you work with? Below are the 5 most common misconceptions about people who work in IT and my attempts to dispel this thinking:

Misconception number one: People who work in IT relate to computers better than they do people

Actually, in our line of work it’s very important to be empathetic and understanding. When you telephone our Help Desk because your till isn’t working and you have a queue of discontented shoppers to deal with, it’s vital that the person providing you with support understands the stress you’re under.

Misconception number two: People who work in IT don’t understand any other areas of the business

This is simply not true. All IT departments or companies have their own specialisms. Whilst possessing technical expertise, Retail Assist focuses solely on supporting retail – we understand the structures and timetables imposed by this sector and can talk to you at length about overnight processing, out-of-hours support and pick schedules… just ask us!

Misconception number three: All IT support people do when you ask for help is tell you to turn your computer off then on again

Well, I’m not going to lie – they might, however our experienced Help Desk realise that with certain EPoS systems, this is the last thing you should do as you could lose data and transactions. The important thing is having a support partner with the in depth knowledge to recognise these nuances and get you back up and running.

Misconception number four: People who work in IT get over-excited about the latest technological developments

…Ok, this one is definitely true. Let us have our fun, then let us show you how you can exploit these new technologies to deliver competitive advantage within your business.

Misconception number five: People who work in IT can be a bit scruffy

On the contrary, as Retail Assist boasts some of the UK’s top fashion retailers as clients, we scrub up quite well. Why not come and see us so that we can prove it to you?! We promise to be appropriately suited and booted – email for more information.

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